There are two aspects to the advice that we offer when it comes to communication:

  • Clarifying your goals for international communication to establish firm foundations for your strategy, 
  • Saving time and money needed for linguistic issues and communication material.

In fact, the earlier this stage comes in your approach to international communication, the more you are likely to reduce your risks and increase the impact you’ll have on your export markets.

This is the time we should meet so that we can:

  • Get to know your brands, products and services;
  • target the right markets and end users for your translations;
  • clarify your targets when it comes to international communication;
  • decide which formats suit you best;
  • identify any restrictions and difficulties and
  • suggest the right linguistic solutions for each department in your business, from marketing and communication to production, finance, legal and administration.

If we can get involved and help right at the beginning of our relationship, we can become your very own “translation department”.

We can do this thanks to our strategic partners and our worldwide network of translators, writers, linguists and graphic designers.

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