Language courses for businesses in partnership with
Explore Langues

A financial incentive for Walloon workers

15€ = 30€ !

Wallonia is offering financial aid to Walloon workers to give their training a boost, whether
they are employed or self-employed.

The AWEX offers support to export businesses

To help explore business opportunities in export markets successfully, the AWEX offers
financial help to sales representatives working for Walloon businesses. As an accredited
training centre, Explore Langues is at your service!

The AWEX offers up to 1,000 EUR excl. VAT per year per company.
On top of this, the maximum available for all public contributions from the portfolio of “chèques-entreprises” is 100,000 EUR per calendar year per company.

Make sure you see your international communication strategy through to the end

We have entered into a partnership with Explore Langues, a company specialising in
providing language courses for businesses.

We all know that you need more than translated versions of documents and a website to increase exports. We have formed a partnership with the Explore Langues language school to
offer our clients a comprehensive range of linguistic services to support businesses in their international growth.

This partnership will help export companies ensure consistency between their sales via their hard-copy or electronic communication materials and their ability to negotiate in the
languages used in their target markets.

Content to suit your professional environment
Practical, pragmatic and business-oriented

Whatever your working environment, Explore Langues will tailor your training to meet your needs!

The secret? An in-depth analysis of your business and a clear definition of the goals you want to achieve!

A computer, an Internet connection, a headset and a microphone: you don’t need much to explore new learning opportunities.
Lessons via Skype

We all know about SKYPE©, a convenient solution to remote communication. But did you know that it’s a fantastic way of simulating business telephone conversations?

Explore Langues can help your employees interact effectively with your clients and suppliers over the telephone.

Are you looking for a language course to suit your needs?