We’d like to offer a warm welcome to Marie, our new Business Development Manager!

Where did your passion for translation come from?

It began when I discovered Latin translation at secondary school – it was a revelation! Once I’d finished school, translation seemed like the natural choice. It’s the perfect discipline for me, as it’s based on getting to grips with languages as well as demanding a huge amount of curiosity. The professional challenges that I was offered afterwards introduced me to different aspects of the industry, which I enjoy just as much. Things like talking to different clients in all four corners of the world, the “problem-solving” aspect of finding the best solution to suit their needs, or getting the right balance between the different demands of a customised approach for every project that is entrusted to us.

What was it that steered you towards a sale role?

During my studies, as well as the specific translation courses, I also took a really diverse range of general subjects: economics, accounting, marketing, negotiation. The different roles I’ve fulfilled during my career have helped me develop the skills you need to identify and understand a client’s needs – to really listen to them – and offer the linguistic and technical solutions to suit them. For me it’s the perfect combination: coming up with multilingual solutions for businesses by demonstrating the merits of high-quality, clear communication, whilst also taking into account the different demands specific to each area of activity and each individual company. When Right Ink offered me this new challenge, I saw it as the perfect opportunity to embrace a role that combines my interest in translation with my passion for working with people. And all of that as part of a dynamic young team: what more could I ask for?

How many languages do you know?

If there was ever a field in which there is an infinite amount of knowledge to acquire, it’s languages. As well as my love for the beautiful language of Molière, which is so rich, I can hold my own in Dutch, English and Spanish, although I still have a huge amount to learn! Learning a language is a bit of a never-ending story! (she laughs)

Can you sum up Marie in three words?

I’d say: sociable, funny and kind. I think my social skills are my biggest asset. You could parachute me into absolutely any location, and I’d always be able to start up a conversation! I generally use a lot of humour, and really appreciate it when others do too. I’m absolutely convinced that laughter is the best way to defuse tension. That’s not to say that I can be serious and committed to any task I throw myself into (I’d like to stress that point!), but experience has taught me that it’s often a good idea to calm things down when you can. Kindness is in my DNA; even when I was little, I naturally gravitated towards other people, I would always be considerate, selfless and understanding. Although clients often appreciate these good intentions, they can sometimes backfire on me. But I always end up laughing about it: that’s just the way I am!


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