Tribal Art Magazine, articles read and appreciated by art fans around the world

Tribal Art Magazine is a quarterly review read by among others, owners of prestigious tribal and ancient art galleries in all 4 corners of the world, from Canada to France, via the United States and Belgium.

This magazine is also a point of reference for this particular field for renowned museums including “The Textile Museum” (Washington), the “Museu de Cultures del Món” (Barcelona), the “Musée des Confluences” (Lyon), the “Musée du quai Branly” (Paris), the “Los Angeles County Museum of Art” (Los Angeles), “Newark Museum” (Newark), the “Musée d’ethnologie de la ville de Genève” (Geneva) and the “Heard Museum” (Phoenix).

The articles published in the magazine are a source of information and inspiration for a large number of authors specialising in tribal art. The magazine has become the ultimate source of reference for thousands of readers around the world.

A success that it owes, in part, to the linguistic solutions offered by Right Ink.

The challenge

To continue to be the magazine to turn to for the world of art and culture

The solutions recommended and implemented by Right Ink

  • Transcreation
  • Definition of an appropriate style
  • Specific terminology management
  • Finding and choosing teams of translators
  • Establishing reliable procedures


“Right Ink has been Tribal Art Magazine’s only translation agency for nearly 3 years. We work on translation projects every week, and Right Ink has always proved to be reliable and accurate, guaranteeing a quick response. Our magazine, Tribal Art, now boasts thousands of readers around the world, and their translations always meet our quality criteria; they aren’t literal, and they are a pleasure to read. If you need convincing, just read our magazine… or give Right Ink a go yourselves!”


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