MyRITO is an online platform created by Right Ink which is exclusively offered and available to our clients.

It is a unique online communication tool where all the information and files connected to your translation projects can be centralised, shared and exchanged.

With “MyRITO” you can:

  • send your translation requests,
  • write your personalised messages throughout your translation projects,
  • upload your files to be translated, proofread, checked etc.,
  • choose the services, languages, deadlines and specific comments for each individual translation project,
  • view and approve your quotes,
  • receive, find and store your translated documents,
  • update your order references,
  • monitor the status and delivery dates of your translation projects,
  • view and update your glossaries,
  • view your invoices,
  • manage your translation budgets over a given period, and much more…

MyRITO offers a huge array of benefits that are personal to you. Here are just some of the advantages:

  • a detailed overview of all of your translation projects, at a glance,
  • centralised management of everything you need to know about your translations, access 24 hours a day, 7 days a week wherever you or your colleagues are in the world to everything to do with your translation projects – all you need is Internet access,
  • an archive of all your translation projects, messages and the corresponding files,
  • the peace of mind of knowing that all your data is secure thanks to HTTPS/FTPS protocols,
  • a way of transferring large files,
  • a clearer inbox,
  • invaluable time saved…

When you sign in to MyRITO, as well as seeing a detailed overview of all the services available in real time, you can also share it with your colleagues, which saves a considerable amount of time.

“MyRITO is an exceptional tool for managing my translation projects! A detailed overview of all my translation projects at a glance, access to information in real time for everyone in the company, from the account managers to accounts, including project managers”.
“With MyRITO, I can save more time than I could ever have imagined!” (Comment from a customer)

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