« MyRITO » is a unique online platform created by Right Ink that allows you to centralise, share and exchange all of your translation project files and information.

You can:

  • Manage your translation requests and quotes,
  • Create, download and edit your files online,
  • View, use and update your terminology glossaries,
  • Recover your translated files and keep track of your ongoing translations,
  • Check your invoices and manage your translation budget,

The benefits in brief:

  • Centralised management of your translations,
  • Accessible to you and all of your employees,
  • 24/7 access to everything you need to know about your translations,
  • An archive of all your translation projects, messages and corresponding files,
  • Security for your translation data,
  • Share large files,
  • Save time,

Comment from a customer

“MyRITO is an exceptional tool for managing my translation projects! A detailed overview of all my translation projects at a glance, access to information in real time for everyone in the company, from the account managers to accounts, including project managers. With MyRITO, I can save more time than I could ever have imagined!”

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