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The Nyrstar Group was founded in August 2007, bringing together the zinc and lead smelting and alloy operations of Umicore (a Belgian metal production company) and Zinifex (an Australian company).

Nyrstar’s ordinary shares have been listed on Euronext Brussels since 29 October 2007. Although a relatively young company, Nyrstar can draw on a long history thanks to the experience built up when activities were run by the previous owners and operators.

In 2009, Nyrstar embarked on a major strategic transformation with an extension of its mining activities, both to guarantee the supply of raw materials for its foundries, and to gain exposure to the most profitable part of the zinc value chain (historically, zinc mining has been more profitable than zinc smelting).

In order to become the world leader in its field, Nyrstar needed to find the perfect partner for its translation and international communication, one that would be both reliable and efficient.

The challenges

1. To translate very large volumes in incredibly tight deadlines, while also guaranteeing flawless quality, for financial, legal, technical and editorial documents.

  • Quarterly and annual reports
  • Various contracts
  • Technical and safety procedures
  • In-house magazine

2. To centralise documents and manage translations so that they would be available to all of Nyrstar’s offices around the world.

The solutions recommended and implemented by Right Ink

  • Choosing and managing teams of translators/proofreaders for different subject areas – RMT
  • Integrated terminology management
  • Transcreation
  • MyRITO


“Nyrstar chose Right Ink to manage all of the translations required by its offices in all four corners of the globe. Since 2008, Right Ink has been able to respond to the many demands of an international Group like Nyrstar, in an industry that is constantly changing, with professionalism combined with a personal touch. From the very beginning, Right Ink has demonstrated incredible flexibility and unusually speedy responses, combined with flawless quality and the ability to meet very tight deadlines. The centralisation of information and communication via the online platform, “MyRITO”, developed by Right Ink, has been the icing on the cake”

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