Right Ink continues to expand! We’d like to offer a warm welcome to Célia, new talent of our team.

Where did your passion for translation come from?

To begin with, I joined the Faculty of Translation and Interpretation (FTI-EII) at Mons university to consolidate my English and Dutch with a view to doing a Master’s degree in journalism. But that was before I experienced my professors’ enthusiastic approach to translation. So I decided to stay on and finish my studies there.

So then what did you do?

When I was studying translation, I was lucky enough to visit the Netherlands twice. The first time on the Erasmus scheme, studying in the humanities department at Radboud Universiteit in Nijmegen; the second time was for the internship for the 2nd year of my Master’s, working for the Wallonia-Brussels General Delegation in The Hague. These two experiences were incredibly rewarding, both linguistically and culturally.

How many languages do you know?

French is my mother tongue. My two working languages are Dutch and English, but I also studied Swedish and Norwegian when I was studying at the EII.

When did you begin your career as a translator?

Once I’d finished my degree in multidisciplinary translation, I started a second Master’s, this time in conference interpreting. As I had already completed most of my course hours during my Master’s in translation, I decided to make the most of this time by starting out as a freelance translator. So I worked as a freelancer for a year before I was offered a job at Right Ink, which I accepted immediately!

Can you sum up Célia in three words?

Enthusiasm, perseverance and curiosity… I’m always looking for new things to learn and new challenges to tackle. I’m really into photography in my free time. I also love walking and going on adventures in the forest.