We have welcomed a new recruit to embark on the Right Ink adventure – we couldn’t wait to introduce her to you!

Her first name sounds a bit Spanish doesn’t it?

Nothing gets past you! Our young translator has a Spanish father and a Belgian mother… What a lovely combination of cultures! Laura soon realised that this biculturalism was an asset that she could build on.

What’s your story so far?

After secondary school, where I studied Dutch, English and Spanish, I was keen to pursue translation, so I joined the Faculty of Translation and Interpretation (FTI-EII) at the University of Mons. There I was able to combine my passion for foreign languages with my love for French.

It was after she graduated in multidisciplinary translation (with the equivalent of a first class degree no less!) that Laura joined the Right Ink team.

How many languages can you speak?

4 in total: French, Dutch, English and Spanish. My secret? I have no idea! A sense of adventure maybe (laughs). As a student, I was lucky enough to take part in the Erasmus scheme, and I went to the Netherlands, which gave me the opportunity to learn Dutch by immersing myself in the language. At the same time, I was able to practise my English, because I was living with no fewer than five different nationalities.

What are your passions – apart from languages of course?

When I’m not fully engrossed in translations, you’re most likely to find me at the swimming pool. Apart from that, I love wallowing in the mysterious world of a good crime novel.

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