Who could have imagined all the things that have happened since that day, 10 May 2006, when Jacob Riis, Marco Lamberti and Domenico Bellantoni set up their new business? One more agency in the small world of translations? Yes, but not just any agency.

Since the very beginning, Jacob Riis, a man with a passion for languages, has been sure that this small world of translations needed a Copernican revolution. “Back then, businesses worked with in-house translators”, he remembers. “I felt that for really accurate translations it was important to work with specialist translators.

You wouldn’t go and see an ophthalmologist if you’d broken your leg would you? It’s the same for translations. Rather than focusing on a small in-house group of translators, Right Ink decided to create a network of specialist freelancers that could be called upon according to the client’s specific needs. Depending on whether you’ve got a medical brochure, a legal contract or a car manual, a different translator should be used, whatever the language.

Of course, in order to organise this huge network of specialist translators, they would need an effective tool that could pinpoint the right person for the client’s needs. Right Ink developed this tool in-house, thanks to the hugely talented Vincent Dieltiens. “We came along with our needs and our ideas. Our IT expert, Vincent, set it all to music”, explains Jacob Riis. “We developed a database to catalogue our 2,500 translators according to the languages that they dealt with, their areas of expertise, their availability, their location or their professional experience. We then came up with an algorithm to make sure we could find the right translator for the client’s requirements, with a number of different parameters.

 This means that Right Ink offers made-to-measure translations that clients can track using another tool developed by the Mons-based business: MyRITO. With this platform, Right Ink’s clients have a single online point of contact via which they can send translation requests, upload the files to be translated, proofread and check the texts, look at and confirm quotes, develop a customised glossary, or chat with the project manager. All of this without getting bogged down by hundreds of emails, which can sometimes be quite large.


With these innovative tools, the scope of what this agency can do is practically infinite, and it is constantly evolving. “We are always thinking about what we do and listening to what our customers need. This approach means that we are constantly honing the tools that we have developed,” clarifies Jacob Riis. MyRITO continues to evolve, and clients now have the option to manage the terminology for a particular project online, or to customise the interface depending on what they need.

Right Ink’s philosophy, its cutting-edge tools, the commitment of its team and the talent of Pierre Normand, the agency’s sales development manager, have already been enough to secure countless clients. From Nyrstar to Brussels Airlines via Sanoma Magazines, Besix, Johnson & Johnson and Winscribe: all sorts of businesses in an incredibly wide range of different sectors have placed their trust in the international network of translators built up by Right Ink. So much so that if you look back at some of the figures, they are enough to make your head spin. “In ten years, we have met nearly 1,000 clients in more than 20 countries,” reminisces Jacob Riis. “2,500 translators have worked with us on 5 continents. And we have translated more than 60 million words, the equivalent of one sentence stretching between Mons and Helsinki.

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Just like its fantastic tools, the Right Ink team has also evolved. “Demanding is our keyword,” insists Jacob Riis. “Over time, our team has become more professional, and our services are constantly being honed, both in terms of quality and efficiency.” Right Ink is also just about to employ its first in-house translator. A move away from the Mons-based agency’s innovative concept? It’s actually more like the application of a principle that Right Ink holds particularly dear: listening. It is to fulfil the needs of a client that the agency has decided to take on the risk of employing a translator. “The demand was there. We responded to it,” sums up Jacob Riis.

As the Right Ink team has become more professional over the years, it has also become more closely knit than ever. This cohesiveness, a guarantee of efficiency, has grown through team-building activities, which members of the team are particularly fond of. From horse riding and quad-biking to paintballing, there are plenty of opportunities to nurture relationships. It is also during these team-building sessions that the members of the Right Ink team pool their thoughts on the values that best sum up their business. The passing on of knowledge, a human dimension, an innovative approach, trust, responsiveness and the quality of the end product are the foundations on which each member of Right Ink can find fulfilment in their love of what they do. All of these values are poured into every translation project, for the ultimate benefit of the client.


Far from resting on its laurels, Right Ink is looking forward to embarking on a new chapter in its history. To celebrate its tenth anniversary, the agency has treated itself to a brand new website, a new corporate identity and a new logo that epitomises the maturity that has been acquired by experience.

For its 10th anniversary, Right Ink has moved into a large house at 73 Avenue du Tir in Mons. This new space offers Right Ink a comfortable environment in which to produce quality work for its clients and welcome new members to its team.

While Right Ink is keeping its headquarters in the city that is the home of the Doudou, the agency also has a base in Flanders. “We’ve just entered into a partnership with a Flemish translation agency. We have been working together for eight years now,” explains Jacob Riis. “With this new partnership, our team will be boosted by three experienced translators.” Last but by no means least, Right Ink is working on a new project with a language school in the Mons region. “This is an exciting new adventure that we are really looking forward to. We will be giving you more information about this unique collaboration in the next few weeks,” concludes Jacob Riis. One decade is coming to a close for Right Ink. However, the one that is just beginning promises to be just as rewarding, thanks to the latest talented individuals to join the team, Kevin Donfut and Gwenaelle Vandendriessche, as well as those who are yet to join us.

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