We’d like to offer a warm welcome to Caroline, the newest member of our team.


Where did your passion for translation come from?

Back in secondary school, I became interested in Latin and Greek. I was always keen to travel and explore. So when I finished secondary school, I decided to spend a year in Russia to find out more about the culture and the language. That experience reinforced my thoughts about my career choice.


So then what did you do?

As soon as I got back from Russia, I threw myself into a degree in multidisciplinary translation at the University of Mons, during which I spent nine months in Nizhny Novgorod in Russia. Keen to hone my knowledge of other languages and cultures, I then spent three months as an intern at a translation agency in Hamburg. I translated part of a Russian novel for my dissertation.


How many languages do you know?

As well as French, my mother tongue, I have four working languages under my belt; Russian, German, English and Swedish.


When did you begin your career as a translator?

Once I’d completed my Master’s (with the highest level of distinction), I began by perfecting my Swedish and English while working as an au pair in Stockholm. Another incredibly rewarding immersive experience, after which I started working as a freelance translator. Then I was offered the opportunity to join the Right Ink team, and I didn’t hesitate to jump at the chance!

Can you sum up Caroline in three words?

Passion, rigour and a thirst for learning are definitely the characteristics that best describe me, both in terms of my work and in my personal life. In my free time, I love burying myself in a book, or planning my next adventures outside of Belgium. What can you do? A leopard can’t change its spots (laughs)!

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