It looks like nothing can hold back the Mons-based company Right Ink at the moment! After the opening of the Montreal office in September, the agency specialising in premium translation services is also opening a branch in the Netherlands, in Heerlen.

“From websites and marketing brochures to user manuals, we translate a huge amount of content into Dutch,” explains the agency’s director. “While we do have a solid network in Flanders, our capacity for Dutch for the Netherlands was too limited. That is no longer the case,” he goes on to say.

Not everybody is aware that there is a significant difference between the two varieties of Dutch, both in terms of terminology (the vocabulary used in Belgium or the Netherlands) and phraseology (turns of phrase etc.). So it is important to choose the right variety depending on the country in which our clients want to develop their business.

It is worth pointing out that Heerlen was not chosen at random: this town in the Netherlands really is at the crossroads of Europe, less than half an hour from Belgium and from Germany. This strategic position is clearly an advantage.

As well as this, Heerlen is next to Maastricht, the home of the famous Vertaalacademie, the prestigious school of translation and interpreting from which our four translators graduated. We have always made a point of working with qualified professionals. This means that we have real potential for growth at our fingertips”.


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